Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Love's Worth

Palmo is a poet from Gansu. Love's Worth (བཙེ་དུང་གི་རིན་ཐང་།) is undated. An anthology of her poetry was published by Gansu Minorities Publishing House in 2012.

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Love's Worth (བཙེ་དུང་གི་རིན་ཐང་།)

by Palmo (དཔལ་མོ།)

Translated by Ingsel 

Love is a diamond,
If there's no fate and causality,
Even a diamond will melt.

Love is pure gold,
If there's no modesty and trust,
Even pure gold will become contaminated.

Love is a river,
If feeling and endurance fall short,
Even the course of a river will be interrupted. 

Love is Mount Meru
If seduced by wealth and power,
Even Mount Meru will erode away.

Love is a deep sea,
If fleeting joys are pursued,
Even a deep sea will dry out.

Love is a sculpture,
If consumed by lies and deceit,
Even a sculpture will crumble.

Love is the vow of Samaya,
If a friend lacks conscientiousness,
Even the vow of Samaya will go to waste.

Love is a boiling hot fire,
If seeds of betrayal and trickery are sewn,
Even a boiling hot fire will extinguish.

Love is the sun and moon,
If the mind is not independent,
Even the sun and moon will fall to pieces.

Love is greater than life,
If heart and perception are in agreement,
Even life can be surrendered.

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